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Sports, media and entertainment

Our Sports, Media and Entertainment Team provides a seamless cross-discipline advise to our clients, based on an in-depth understanding of the commercial and legal needs of such sectors and, in particular, of the manner in which they grew into highly professionalized industries, receiving increasing amounts of investment and facing more challenging and complex competitive and regulatory scenarios than ever before.

We provide our clients effective and creative solutions to their various specific needs affecting each aspect of this ample but highly interdependent group of business and activities.

Our assistance covers a full range of legal services, including M&A, financing and investment structures, restructurings, corporate matters, stadium and arena exploitation, tax, IP, litigation, antitrust, filings with the National Communications Commission and other regulatory issues.

We advise advertisers, agencies, promoters, athlete’s representatives, managers, studios, broadcasters, sponsors, investors, franchise owners, pay TV and radio content producers, carriers, distributors, channels, licensors and licensees, clubs, leagues and other participants in the sector’s activities.