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Regulatory Matters

Our team provides advice to all type of clients in matters related to different regulatory issues, where a deep knowledge of the ever changing specific regulations, as well as of the regulatory authorities’ stance and views -and the practical matters that may emerge- are key to complying with applicable regulations and avoid delays and complications which may negatively affect businesses.

We provide advice not only for specific matters, but also as a complement of the service we offer in other areas, such as M&A and general corporate advice

Our multidisciplinary team assists our clients in the following specific areas:

  • Antitrust: We assist our clients in all antitrust related matters that may arise during the course of stock or assets acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers or other contractual or associative transactions. Our advice begins with the early stages of the transaction, in order to implement the best preventive strategy regarding possible conflicts arising in connection therewith. We guide our clients through the process of submissions and discussions with antitrust authorities and other competent administrative and judicial authorities, including all matters related to applications, advisory opinions or administrative investigations that may be initiated.
  • Consumer Rights, Fair Trading and Product Liability: We advise clients on these matters, both preventively (through our vast knowledge of applicable legislation) and, in case of consumer claims, during the negotiation stage and throughout the administrative, judicial, arbitration or negotiation procedures or before Consumer Arbitration Tribunals all over the country. We assist our clients in the design of necessary structures for mass-scale contracting of goods and services and advice for drafting offers to the public and advertising campaigns; conflict prevention in cases of misleading advertising and misinformation to the consumer or product liability; drafting of necessary documentation to properly comply with applicable regulations on the matter (including the analysis of potentially abusive or ineffective clauses and advice on writing labels, tags, terms and conditions for contests and promotional draws, warranties and user manuals); and processing of authorizations and permits.
  • Money Laundering: We advise our clients qualifying as “reporting persons” in the context of the regulations preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism, regarding compliance with the regulations issued by the Financial Information Unit (UIF – Unidad de Información Financiera). We therefore assist our clients on the implementation of prevention policies, staff training, design of internal procedures manuals, on-line registration and presentation of ROS (reports of suspicious operations), compliance officer’s liability and other similar obligations and responsibilities. In general, we guide our clients in the best and most efficient way of complying with UIF regulations to avoid incurring in excessive administrative costs and preventing the application of administrative fines.
  • Foreign Exchange Regulations: Our thorough knowledge of the foreign exchange regulations is essential for our clients, particularly foreign investors or clients with holdings abroad, given the need to analyze in detail the applicable restrictions to implement (and to assess the cost and the business conditions of) any cross-border financing or investment transaction, as well as any foreign trade operations. We also assist our clients preventively to avoid conflicts with foreign exchange regulations, obtain authorizations from the Argentine Central Bank and, where applicable, in case of exchange administrative proceedings (sumarios) that may be filed against them.
  • Personal Data Protection: We advise companies on the effect of legislation on personal data protection. We cover all aspects of this practice, from data bases registration to compliance with periodic information schemes and implementation of technical, organizational and security measures required. We also assist our clients in their relation with the individuals included in the corresponding data bases, as well as in handling administrative procedures before the National Directorate for Personal Data Protection.
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical Instruments and Health Industry: Our team offers comprehensive and multidisciplinary services for all types of transactions related to laboratories, pharmacies, medical instruments producers and supply companies and health clinics and centers. Our experience in the area offers a thorough knowledge of the specific needs of this industry and the way in which we can help and support clients’ in-house counsel. We assist our clients with both daily inquiries and more complex transactions, always focused on the business’ long-term objectives. Our experience includes a thorough knowledge of the regulations that may affect food, dietary supplements and cosmetic products companies, and the formalities before ANMAT (National Food, Drug and Medical Technology Administration). Our services in this area combine corporate, financial and business matters (including licensing and franchising contracts), as well as regulatory, labor, tax and dispute resolution issues (including product liability) and M&A transactions.
  • Foreign Trade: We help clients deal with foreign trade matters, especially in connection with applicable free trade agreements. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we can advise our clients on all matters related to foreign trade operations (customs, tax, finance, foreign exchange and business) and on the drafting of all necessary documentation to handle imports and exports. In addition, we represent our clients before regulatory authorities in foreign trade-related processes.
  • Central Bank Regulations: We perform for our clients a detailed follow-up of the constantly changing regulations issued by the Central Bank, which allows us to rapidly detect those issues that may have an impact in the client’s business and develop adequate responses and actions. We help our clients with respect to compliance issues, as well as regards filings and negotiations with banking authorities, including by defending their position and interests in case of any administrative proceedings (sumarios) initiated against them.
  • Public Affairs: The superb inter-personal relation and mutual respect that our professionals have developed during many years of practice and interaction with regulatory authorities in a wide range of areas has provided us a vast knowledge on domestic regulations and appropriate conducts before authorities, with many of whom we frequently collaborate in drafting, designing and/or analyzing new standards and regulations. We therefore offer our clients advice relating the best way in which to make submissions before the corresponding officials to present their inquiries efficiently.