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Real Estate Development and Financing

We offer legal solutions based on a multidisciplinary approach to large real estate investments and developments (such as gated country condominiums, resorts and hotel projects) and their further development, administration and financing.

We advise real estate investors and developers through all the stages of their projects’ structuring, including advice on all the legal and regulatory aspects connected to real estate development’s construction and planning, design and negotiation of different types of contracts (such as purchase, call options, preliminary sale contracts, leases, gratuitous leases –comodatos-) and their financing, if applicable, through mortgage and other property assets securitization, as well as the creation of trusts and other real estate investment instruments.

Our services mainly include:

  • Advice on real estate sale and purchase and lease operations (such as offices, distribution centers and industrial plants).
  • Mortgage and other property assets securitization through financial trusts.
  • Development of gated country condominiums, resorts, country clubs and hotel projects through real estate investment trusts and other instruments.
  • Advice on building projects together with regulation, financing and sale thereof.
  • Help on obtainment of provincial and municipal permits and authorizations.