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Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

We assist our clients in resolving disputes related to their business, including those emerging in connection with M&A transactions, as well as conflicts and procedures before capital markets’ regulatory authorities.

We also have an extensive expertise in out-of-court negotiations to resolve disputes in contractual or business relations in order to avoid resorting to arbitration or court, consequently saving time and money, preserving confidentiality and maintaining business relations.

In addition, we have ample experience assisting clients in arbitration proceedings, both in law and in equity, under the rules of different domestic and international organizations (such as the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Arbitration Tribunal, the International Chamber of Commerce, the American Arbitration Association and others).

Our advice on this area includes:

  • Assistance, under the scope requested by the client, as the case may be, on out-of-court negotiating processes on any transactional, business or company conflict.
  • Defense of our clients’ interests in price adjustment procedures resulting from breach of representations and warranties granted by sellers in the context of stock or assets purchase agreements.
  • Legal representation of our clients in arbitration procedures before the Arbitration Tribunal of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, the International Chamber of Commerce and other entities and institutions, including defining the best strategies for said purpose.
  • Comprehensive defense of our clients in administrative proceedings or investigations (sumarios) by regulatory authorities, for example, relating to the capital markets (such as the Comisión Nacional de Valores).
  • Legal representation of our clients in specific lawsuits related to business transactions or corporate matters.