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Foreign Investments

The firm provides foreign investors advice on the planning, analysis and structuring of the most efficient alternatives for the development of their businesses in Argentina and Latin America. Through our multidisciplinary approach and important relations with law firms in the Region, we can offer comprehensive advice to the foreign company in the Southern Cone and support our clients throughout the development of its business, helping it identify and resolve matters related to the day-to-day operations, such as dividend and royalty payments, different types of investments, opening of office branches or subsidiaries, equity holdings in public or private Argentine companies, financing structures (both intercompany or from third parties), among many others.

We also advice our clients in all matters related to bilateral investment agreements and other applicable international agreements, as well as in all issues concerning compliance with applicable regulations on foreign investments, including investment promotion, exchange controls, employees’ residency, tax issues, etc., and in their interaction with competent government agencies to obtain the required authorizations.