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Debt Restructuring and Insolvency

Our lawyers have been involved in several of the most important and complex debt restructuring proceedings in Argentina, representing debtors and investment funds or creditor banks, as well as creditor committees.

In such complex and tense procedures as those involving financial restructurings, our team is renowned for its excellent negotiation skills and creativity in finding innovative solutions to unblock difficult processes. Our multidisciplinary approach is essential to properly assess all the aspects that may be affected by these particular transactions.

We also provide assistance to different local and foreign clients with regards to their participation in out-of-court reorganization proceedings (concursos), including their negotiation and submission to the corresponding authorities for approval, as well as in insolvency proceedings.

Our services mainly include:

  • Negotiation of the terms and conditions for the restructuring of loans and syndicated loans and debt securities, both from the debtor’s or creditor’s position, and drafting agreements and amendments and other documents necessary for the same purpose, including establishing guarantees of any nature, implementing tender or exchange offerings and the issuance of newly restructured securities.
  • Design of the most efficient structures to implement restructuring processes, from a corporate, tax, labor, foreign exchange, operational and regulatory stand point.
  • Assistance in the negotiation and implementation of out-of-court reorganization agreements (APEs) and their judicial approval, as well as follow-up compliance thereof.
  • Assistance to investment funds in negotiating their participations in defaulted debt, including specific standards under LSTA, ISDA and other similar associations.
  • Advice on debt redemption processes, as well as on exchange offers.
  • Advice to creditor committees on syndicated loans or debt security issuances.
  • Assistance on claim registration (verificación) in reorganization proceedings (concursos) or bankruptcies, as well as negotiation of insolvency agreements.