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Corporate Financing, Capital Markets & Derivatives

The firm’s professionals have led many of the most complex and innovative capital markets and corporate financing operations of the last two decades.

We advise commercial banks, investment funds and national and foreign companies throughout all the stages of the structuring of a financing operation, from analyzing the situation of the company, its industry and the market, to selecting the best alternative and drafting and negotiating each of the necessary documents for an expedite and efficient implementation, including any filings before competent regulatory agencies. We have developed a very fluid relationship with markets’ regulatory agencies and we usually collaborate with them in designing new products and regulations that may help improve the market. Our professionals have also had a relevant involvement in developing and expanding the derivatives market and have advised entrepreneurs and investors throughout all stages of venture capital projects’ structuring and financing.

Our team has participated in negotiating and structuring some of the most complex syndicated loans (with or without special guarantees) and in many operations with multilateral agencies.

In particular, our vast experience includes the following:

  • Structuring, negotiation and implementation of initial public offerings (IPOs) in local and international markets and the issuance and offering of different types of equity stock, including various forms of preferred stock.
  • Issuance and public and private placement of domestic and international debt securities, commercial papers, floating rate notes, Eurobonds and the creation of note programs.
  • Issuance of debt securities convertible into shares, as well as corporate bonds (including subordinated notes) and convertible shares or bonds with warrants attached, and their placement both through public offers and private placements.
  • Creation of financing structures through various types of financial trusts.
  • Advice to debtors and creditors on different types of loans, both simple and syndicated, with or without special guarantees (from pledges of shares or assets to fiduciary transfers of different nature).
  • Assistance to local and foreign banks in granting loans to the public sector, particularly provinces, including loans secured through fiduciary transfer of rights on tax sharing, among others.
  • Negotiation and design of different derivative financial instruments and placement of structured products, including, among others, out and call options, futures and swaps.
  • Assistance to investment funds in their operations to buy and sell participations in syndicated loans, defaulted loans and similar operations, including advice on the documents to be prepared pursuant to the provisions of associations such as the LSTA or the ISDA.
  • Comprehensive advice to our clients on the regulatory framework applicable to capital markets, including regulations issued by the Federal Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores), the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and the Over-the-Counter Market (MAE), among others.
  • Structuring and negotiation of loans with multilateral or development agencies, including the International Finance Corporation, among others.
  • Assistance to companies negotiating Certified Emission Reductions or CERs, pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol and companies specialized in consultancy on development of CER-generating projects. Our firm is a leader and pioneer in this developing area, with great growth perspective and of special interest to companies in the energy and chemical industries, as well as to companies using energy resources intensively and to large national and provincial producers of emissions sensitive to the worsening of the greenhouse (GHG) effect.
  • Structuring of venture capital projects, including assistance in designing the instruments and vehicles to channel investments into the different rounds of capitalization through angel investors, as well as those incorporated in subsequent rounds, and their relation with entrepreneurs.
  • Advice to banks acting as trustees or agents in Argentina in the context of an issuance of corporate bonds through public offers.
  • Assistance to consultancy agencies and traders of Certified Emission Reductions or CERs pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol.