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Labor Matters

In the context of the complexities of labor law and social security matters, facing ever changing regulations and case law criteria, we aim at providing our clients with a strategic view to identify and prevent possible contingencies or overcome conflicts that may arise.

Our professionals have a significant experience in preventive advice and individual and collective conflict assistance, as well as legal audits in the context of acquisition or merger processes, contingency identification and quantification and treatment of complex issues (such as the hiring and/or severance of executives, expatriates matters, compensations, collective conflict negotiation and pension debt challenges), among other matters.

We help our clients minimize their risks and maximize their businesses and interests in the field of labor relations.

Our lawyers have an extensive experience and field-knowledge of the following particular areas:

  • Labor Law and Social Security
  • Unions Law and Negotiations and Collective Bargain Agreements
  • Incentive, Pension and Stock Option Plans
  • Expatriation Law

Some of our most usual practice includes:

  • On-going consultancy.
  • Advice on hiring personnel, senior management or key employees.
  • Advice concerning day to day affairs related to labor contracts.
  • Advice on terminating employment relations.
  • Negotiation of individual or collective conflicts.
  • Legal assistance in lawsuits derived from individual or collective conflicts.
  • Restructuring and procedures in case of crisis.
  • Labor contract transfer.
  • Legal assistance in work-related accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Assistance in the context of inspections conducted by regulatory authorities.
  • Labor administrative procedures.
  • Negotiation in collective conflicts, drafting and underwriting of agreements with unions.
  • Treatment of expatriates.
  • Advice to foreign companies.
  • Structuring of compensations, pension plans, shareholding or profit sharing plans.
  • Review and preparation of internal conduct manuals.
  • Preventive compliance audits and risk assessment.
  • Participation in due diligence processes in transactions such as mergers or acquisitions.
  • Control of contractors’ labor and pension regulation compliance.
  • Periodic information and conferences on regulation and case law update. In-company courses.
  • Debt challenges from social security and health maintenance organizations or union contributions.